Tandy Tynan Fogg lives alone. Everyone he has ever cared for has gone missing. One day, a mysterious bedraggled stranger named simply ‘Mauve’,  replies to his ad for a tenant and, unbeknownst to Tandy, begins to investigate him in connection to the disappearances.

Cast of Characters

Tandy Tynan Fogg

tandy about

An adorable dandy. He lives above the fairly successful clothes shop he and his missing friend Thorfinn opened several years ago. With an unbelievable ability to look on the bright side, he’s managed to put a brave face on the situation he’s in. While lonely, he’s trying not to get too close to people, in case they disappear and leave him alone again.

marc about

Marc the Iguana

An iguana. Tandy’s only companion. Her favourite thing is fruit. Her second favourite thing is Tandy.

teal about


An experienced and well-meaning officer of the Protectorate, Teal has her suspicions about whatever’s going on.

marie about

Marie Finch

A supervisor in the filing department of the Protectorate, Marie probably works harder than anybody else in the building. She has a penchant for fixing and organising things, which will most likely prove to be quite useful.

mauve about


Overtired, anxious and stubborn, Mauve has an unhealthy interest in finding out what has happened to Tandy’s missing friends, believing Tandy is responsible. With help from Marie, he’s been looking into it for some time.


Rivers Pass – The city. Built on a river delta, this city is a jumble of canals, bridges, seedy side-streets and bustling promenades. Because of its location, the city has a rich history of trading and multiculturalism. 

The Protectorate – The law enforcement of Rivers Pass. While effective, it has a reputation for brutality and corruption.  Most of the officers are highly trained in combat, galdr resistance and parkour to traverse the tightly packed architecture of the city. 

The Fangs – The colloquial name for the Protectorate.

Galdr – The power of words. Words, written or spoken, and backed by strong enough emotion and skill, can be used to manipulate, influence or damage people, their thoughts, or their bodies. It is widely illegal, but the Protectorate are trained in the use of it in order to detect and prevent its use. Not much is known about the power of raw Galdr, but it is nevertheless used in many different experimental and illegal ways.

Augments – a Galdr-based manipulation of the human mind or body used to permanently enhance the user. To become augmented the person only needs to undergo a single operation-like procedure by a licensed Augment Galdr Speaker. Many sports are based around certain augments, but the sportsmen and women must undergo strict testing to make sure their bodies are able to handle the changes. There are countless illegally augmented criminals who have become addicted to their augment’s effects, and end up damaging their bodies from extended use. Several anti-augment activist groups exist who disapprove of legal augments and believe their existence directly links to the sheer volume of augmented criminal activity.